Thursday, January 24, 2013

Want the Celine Trio bag? Have a little time?

celine DIY

Same goes lately with all Celine bags, Bag Trio, this bag is characterized as a 3 in 1 has carved a niche (a huecazo) in many street style blogs. And the truth is it is a fairly simple one which leaves DIY even simpler.

celine DIY

In A Pair and a Spare been put to work and three clutches, a bracket and chain have pulled a pretty good copy. The only thing that changes is the belt (and the price).

celine DIY

The only step that can be tricky is to sew the brackets to assemble the three bags, but do not be very hands but with needle and thread, does not look to be very complicated.

celine DIY

And you only have to put the strap to the bag. In your case has taken advantage of carrying bags and joined with a golden chain, but you can try to put a leash on an old handbag.

You can see all the steps in the post from A pair and a spare .

Photos: Stopitrightnow , Apair-andaspare
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