Wednesday, January 16, 2013

War Cabinet, what blogger has the most amazing closet in recent times?

clo_01 Aimee Song in your old closet

Neither Carrie Bradshaw's closet could overcome these girls. They have more bags and shoes per square foot than most all of us together, but still want more, more, more. And every 'X' time we are showing their belongings to get the long teeth and that day we dream of a room (or more) similar to yours. Theirs is not normal, but still occasionally mola torturing and see how lucky we are (in this respect).

We entered the hub of style to see how they manage to accumulate so many clothes (or Selfridges could have as many clothes together).

Welcome to paradise on earth

What Aimee Song of Song of Style, is another level. She is an interior designer, so in that decorating a room it is caught by the hand. It is therefore not surprising that we have instead of what we call art closet, then enter there should inspire more gandula.


What I would give to have a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk! Just do not know where I put in my small room, but I manage to make it just as great. Of course, I also needed to finish Givenchy bag to round all ... And maybe a blouse like yours.


Her shoe collection is to put it in a glass case and go to dust off occasionally. But as has placed the use shame.


The secret of the Italian ...

One of the passions railways having the world's most famous Italian blogger (ie Chiara Ferragni) are shoes with handbags. So to move house and do a reality show mode, devised a closet big enough for all her heels coexist in the same place in an orderly manner. The best part? The detail of the door where all firms that inhabit it are in the form of vinyl.


Although fatter everyday family, this place is paradise for foot fetishists.


In a video tour

Other bloggers not enough to make four pictures, but they teach us their most precious places in video form. An example is the Mexican Andy Torres (based in Amsterdam) where his closet is small but useful.

Although the space for the blogger Fashion hippie loves. That is to have the shoes sorted and the rest is nonsense.

With which of them you stay?

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