Wednesday, January 30, 2013

+ Wardrobe wardrobe styling = perfect


I told you many times, but not get tired of repeating the wardrobe clothes are boring but necessary to achieve buy looks great, of honors and simple. And it's not like spending money on a white shirt when we buy something full of trend or black jeans when next we each ethnic print. But one day you wake up not wanting to get noticed and you realize that you left clothes saved the day as well.

And these girls show us not to wear a wardrobe look totally going bad or boring, on the contrary, the genius of their styles lies in the simplicity and that all we can achieve. It is an outstanding attitude and take them in that aspect.


If you prefer to wear garments of life very different from each other to achieve a surprising and striking effect. Example? A nude maxifalda a knitted sweater. Do you dare?


And you have your wardrobe ready?

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