Friday, January 25, 2013

What do you say with a jewel on Valentine! Proposals more affordable for you to fall in love (a little) more


February 14 is a day much feared for many, and one of the best days of the year for others. I simply do not think much. And is that the Valentine's Day or popularly known, Valentine, not for me. But that does not mean we do not believe in him. Or basically agree that everyone else is held properly. Today and with which we can not allow ourselves to falling wages in the great gifts, but one detail is always welcome.

What to give? And the best question of all what you want me to give away? Best for these cases is a gem, but the price always fires. But if you think about low-cost key things change, so today we feature the bracelets and necklaces that will make you fall in love more, if possible, your Prince Charming.

A bracelet

I have devotion to the bracelets, I love them! Especially in summer, when my wrists are exposed to the light of the world and become a 'pledge' more. The usually carry loaded, and depending on my mood I have more colors or less. If you are of mine, these proposals may fall in love you as much as your guy.


  • Golden bracelet with green stones bottle Ottoman Hands, 49 euros .
  • Braided Bracelet Salmon with Mango Touch boulders, 25.99 euros .
  • Spiked bracelet with integrated ring Miss Guided, 5.99 lbs .
  • Bracelet with clovers and blue heart Cruciani, 10 euros .
  • Gold chain bracelet with heart charm red Carolina Herrera.
  • Maxi bracelet with neon colored stones Topshop, 26 euros .
  • Leather bracelet with a silver heart of one of 50, 55 euros.
  • Golden bracelet with two stones Asos, 11 euros .
  • Maxi gold bracelet with tribal touches Claire's, 6.95 euros.

Wear it around its neck

For those who prefer a necklace today can choose among many (many) models. Type bib, chain, pendants or very strass. The collars are more fashionable than ever and serve to complement an outfit or be the star of it. What version are you staying?


  • Chain necklace with colored drops of Bershka, 12.99 euros .
  • Crochet Bib Necklace type of Asos, 11 euros .
  • Maxi necklace chains and stones XXL Zara, 22.95 euros .
  • Necklace with puzzle pieces Ted Baker, 68 euros .
  • Necklace with pieces in white, red and black Topshop, 18 euros .
  • Bib necklace with multicolored balls type of Claire's, 14.95 euros.

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