Thursday, January 3, 2013

What have signed to buy in these winter sales?, The question of the week

Frida Gustavsson Frida Gustavsson frowns because they know what to buy.

Begins January and begin the sales, well, some cuts, well, some already started before, well, some even ended in specific brands ... Let's see, I focus better: the January sales. Yes, those that some supermarkets and big chains say low cost ( SAY , Then it's a lie) not begin until the day after Reyes, ie January 7. That moment to make you the question of the week:

What have signed to buy in these winter sales?

I hope to in Jared Answers to see what your whims, desires and needs (if any) in the face of these cuts.

Question of the week

Last week was a time to remember if you had everything ready for New Year's Eve look . At that time is when doubts appear and last minute touch-ups, as we read in your comment.

Jauregui Sandrita not find his beloved necklace:

I need a necklace if I find one gold chains and links with many long suicidoo me! ... Which of course means you buy one hour before fix to keep the habit of going in a hurry! ... And think that jacket I get ... that of the three black jackets that I have not like any ... poor me!

And Lucia Candau doubted with stockings:

Well I have an existential doubt, and are the means. I wear a dress I bought for last New Year's Eve, black lace, glitter of "glitter" in turquoise blue and I could not look because I finally had to Curran, and behind the bar as a wardrobe ... not looks! I want to wear it a lot and wear it again this time, but I have to wear stockings course! dark?? thick? clear?? SOS !

In Jared Answers | What have signed to buy in these winter sales?

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