Thursday, January 24, 2013

What jewelry and jewelry you bought in the sales?, The question of the week

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The discounts are already a fait accompli and maybe our pockets can not afford a single garment, shoe or handbag but always a bit of money for a piece of jewelery. Wealthier pockets can even buy some jewel Discounted luxury. I think the sales are a great time to buy pieces of jewelery at affordable prices. The gems and jewelery can change any look. And our question of the week is:

What jewelry and jewelry you bought in the sales?

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Question of the week

What is the biggest bargain you have found in these rebates 2013?

LunaBlogs found some great discounts:

I like to take advantage of rebates to buy designer clothes I can not afford its price. This year I bought a dress from Monique Lhuillier (his collection for weddings) to 80% discount, and Jimmy Choo sandals Levir 70%.

Pepa tells us to shop in the sales:

I, I repeat, always take the opportunity to purchase items called lujo.Este year I bought a bag YSL off with 500 euros, the Jimmy Choo biker 300 euros cheaper and found a coat of CH 975 to 360 euros, but it was 100% wool and I am allergic, a shame because it was a blast =)

Midorimori tells his star in the sales order:

Well, I've bought a maxi bag black leather Bershka wonderful limited edition worth € 50 for the small price of 20 €!! Come on, now to sleep with him and pet him more than my boyfriend!

Ainara27 leverages the sales to buy clothes for the summer:

So I bought a lot of things ... but for summer. Yes, really funny? I bought some sandals for 5 euros, a cloth bag with sequins for 5 and 12 shorts by H &M; and red wedges esparto for 9.99 in Sfera. In the middle of January! And for all time, a few strokes of color straws for 5 euros at H & M, Mango and a coat by 24.99 (the herringbone 30 euros).

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