Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When cats and dogs fall, sharpens its style street


Nieva about this Spain ours. See from our windows to the rain, cold and snow on the city while we are in our homes warm with a rustic minimalist and other Baroque is a delight. The plot thickens when we have to leave the pitch with an icy field and shivering with cold.



Abriguémonos Sisters from the trend until the maxi yeti hair detail allow us to go warm and fashionable. Now that the movie Anna Karenina is highly topical perhaps you dare with a Cossack hat, I have one of my time in NY and I've got both my party and felt pamela. What's pants polichinela is another story.

A touch of color


Nothing boring the sky is gray when off. Need color in the dark days. My advice: mustard, fuchsia and red. Mix them with your clothes in basic colors. All we need is a coat of hair and the sea of warm (not as Ebba)

Photos | Ebba , Juliette K

In Jared | The bicycle do conveyance or add more?
In Jared | A casual look for colder days

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