Wednesday, January 9, 2013

White passes us a little of their new campaign, did ethnic prepared for air?


It seems that the air ethnic fashion and become more than ever in this new Spring-Summer 2013. And every new catalog I see, these motifs appear in any part. And the latest firm to fall Jan Spanish sta temptation is White. For now, we only have a few pictures of them, although we assume that in a few days and the entire know.

One of its star items is this poncho in muted tones but great, I love it! And this type of clothing and how I like much, much, much. It is nothing new, as we have seen before in other firms (remember one beige and one Uterqüe Zara) but always appreciated fresh start.


What do you think of this little preview?

Official Site | White
In Jared | Advance SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer 2013: the pattern is carried
In Jared | Turn Christmas lights and prepare nougat, White has already presented his collection of Lovely Pepa party!

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