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A Valentine's Day with couples of cinema's most legendary (and stylish)


? current couples or couples mythical? A few hours of Valentine we like to remember some of the most legendary romances with various styles ranging from the 50s to our time, great diva of film, fashion and music with images which often retain for the memory.

Great movie princesses


Some of the great princes of film as Sophia Loren, an icon can seduce any man, yesterday, today and tomorrow, have shared their lives with one couple as married. The Italian producer Carlo Ponti and Loren have been through every possible style, he always classic and formal, like a torrent of her curves that many have tried to imitate without grace.


Cinema and aristocrats found in Grace Kelly and Rainier III Monaco a perfect romance story. Even with the sad final tragedy in the death of Kelly with the car accident. An example of class and classic style, dependability and beauty. A myth and indelible.

Eternal Romance


Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses, a perfect example of timeless romance with Don Gummer who has been married since 1978. The actress happened to grace every fashion until it became, ironically, one of the icons of these, to play the role of Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada '.


One man who has caused more arrows through the big screen, Paul Newman, also spent much of his life to a single person: Joanne Woodward. It is a less showy than Newman whose demeanor is hard to do shadow.


If there is the ability to copy the best of some men I would stay with James Stewart, without hesitation. One of the men of Alfred Hitchcock and one who in every gesture radiated the most charming possible. Gloria Hatrick was his first and only woman with whom he lived all his life-A case similar to Newman and Woodward.


Françoise Hardy is one of those female icons by passing the years that follow in photographs and will amaze with its beauty and naturalness. He bangs on the face, the hair on the shoulders and a sweet face that dazzled Jacques Dutronc whom he married in 1981, 20 years later that this will compusiese hits for her to sing. Hardy has never ceased to be an example of style.

Over a decade


The names of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are associated with movie stardom. Two figures of interpretation they were together for 12 years until Bogart's death. Lauren Bacall was the wife of the icy look, a wavy mane and a mystery that we remember just seeing the photo.


Pairs of Harrison Ford have often been challenged by all to be one of the most desirable men while they have never been the top models who apparently should have been (crap). Neither Mary Marquardt, and Melissa Mathison and Calista Flockhart, his last and current wife. A matter of taste. We stayed with Melissa Mathison and those 80's in style. A great coat that would be so fashionable today.

Amores passengers


Marilyn Monroe, one of the most desirable women in history, especially during the 50s, when he took his leap to stardom, lived his final years with the prestigious writer Arthur Miller, with whom he worked on several projects. Amores stormy passengers and left us the desired contrast of a diva and a serious-looking man and formal. The glasses came back then Miller are the glasses that we see in any store.


The world of fashion and film rejoined with big stars in 1991 when Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford were married in a brief four-year marriage. Two beautiful public figures and media but were early 90's and that in a matter of style is more of a blank page.

The music sounds (or stopped spinning)


Couple destructive where available. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin and scrambled together. More scrambled together. With a song like love story: 'Je t'aime ... moi non plus', one of the most steamy and sexual songs that have been published so far. Ten-year and ten-year relationship torturosa free and carefree style. Neither bohemian or anything, a thousand faces and a thousand different looks.


David Bowie has again today with a great song (' The Next Day ') after a long period of inactivity in the study, nothing to do with what at that early 90s lived at his side. He was hyperactive White Duke more active than ever in the field of music and staff. In 1990 is when he meets Iman, the Somali supermodel who jumped into the world of fashion in 1976.


A couple of envying that, perfect in style and rapport, both with a single bearing.


We return to the 70, to the first, in which Mick Jagger enjoyed massive global success with The Rolling Stones, becoming a pop icon for society. Those were times of great albums like Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers, groupies times after which seat the head women of good society as Bianca Jagger, his first wife, with whom he shared the thousand changing fashions of the time, going hippie style and the glam and hard driven.

Broken myths, myths future

Michelle Williams

There are couples who unfortunately do not pass to posterity by his style, or his relationship. A tragic death which ends the marriage. Heath Ledger left us with only 28 years in 2008. A great actor and a great couple with Michelle Williams.

Johnny Depp

On the other hand, there are couples who have seen how they have evolved in style. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been one of those examples of a thousand changes, costume changes a thousand unaware of any trends. They marked their fashion. In 2012 marked their separation.

Pitt Angelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have taken over from the couple Depp and Paradis. Again thousand style changes. Pitt already known for its constant transformation as their partners. Just look at your current style with Angelina Jolie being and that was when he was married to Jennifer Aniston. They are the current film couple.

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