Monday, February 4, 2013

And also to go to the beach in the hands of Cath Kidston


No wonder that many people start preparing for summer: bikini operation is underway in many cases (for that is not so hard) and many of us we are preparing our wardrobe ensemble for sun and heat. And if there's something I like to buy are the essential summer accessories and garments ideal for beach days and pool with fresh and fun prints. And in this printed signature of Cath Kidston is an expert.

Its vintage air makes them something to consider their proposals and are perfect to get out of the 'usual'. The Liberty prints are their specialty, but also we can find the mythic topos or other print such as ships.


And also for the beach

But if there is something I like are your proposals to go to the beach or stroll: cashmere patterned espadrilles, a wicker basket with a lining of butterflies and roses, a great straw hat to protect from the sun, a perfect bag for (almost) all occasions and Converse type sneakers very original.


What you get?

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