Friday, February 8, 2013

Anna Wintour's influence in the industry, "the godmother" shadow


Imagine that the director of the most important sports newspaper of a country would receive a call from the president of a football club that asks which candidate to coach you think best for your team. And after that call, sounded again and team president of the former rival was behind the phone to ask what should sign striker. It seems too plausible right?

For something really happening in the world of fashion, in which the editor of the most prestigious, influences decisions as important as the appointment of a new creative director, photographers monopolize political campaigns and even in your country . I speak, of course, Anna Wintour.


Is to see the future of Galliano as "manager" of Oscar de la Renta , but there is no doubt that negotiations were Wintour and Andre Leon Talley of what led him to get that job with returning the ring.

Although it is something that should not surprise anyone because it is clear that it was not just his genius that led him to design for Dior, but was assisted by Anna Wintour. It was she who recommended his hiring as Bernard Arnault designer Givenchy in 1995, as a test to make the jump, a little over a year later to Dior. His replacement was another Englishman, Alexander McQueen, and of course she also recommended. And there is no better lottery for a designer to be under its protective mantle.

The last of his proteges to hold a large "maison" was Alexander Wang, star of a generation of Asian American designers (his last big bet) and was the candidate of the director of Vogue to replace Nicolas Ghesquière at face of Balenciaga.

Marc Jacobs is another designer that can be considered very lucky to have her by his side. In 1994 already had two awards CFDA One revelation in 1987 as a designer for his work on Perry Ellis and another in 1992 for Best Designer for women, but despite all this was happening a terrible economic streak. He and his partner, Robert Duffy, could afford the cost of organizing a parade. Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista accepted free parade for him but Anna Wintour was the Donald Trump that convention to let him use the facilities of the Plaza Hotel in New York to celebrate the parade. Trump demanded only sit next to Anna in the front row, dressed in black and white, this becoming one of the most famous parades this season. In 1997, Marc Jacobs and was the creative director of Louis Vuitton and the brand under his name and was a bestseller.


But Wintour's shadow is long and seems to have made the jump to politics. One of the latest rumors is that Barack Obama naming arises as ambassador in London thanks to all their efforts and money raised for his two presidential campaigns campaigns. And the director did not hesitate to support Vogue in 2008 candidate Obama when the candidate Hillary Clinton, the first lady who posed for Vogue, refused to return to the cover of the magazine saying it could make it look too feminine and so subtract votes.

Maybe Lauren Weisberger, former assistant to Anna Wintour and author of "The Devil Wears Prada" the novel that had the misadventures of a clumsy assistant of a tyrannical director of a fashion magazine and became a successful film, and Anna Wintour attended the premiere of it dressed in Prada, arises display this possible plot twist.

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