Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you for or prefer total looks mix prints?


Does Print or not print? That is the question. I remember watching the chapters of Sex and the city and saw Carrie look different mixes of patterns and styles without the opinion of others cared. I in position to make a mix and see a strange look from someone I'd run home and change. The difference between these girls who opt for prints (and often graceful exit) and among those without. But total looks are cool too, so today I ask are you going to mix prints or one color?

The not so afraid of the mixtures is Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook, and is that in one of his last outings have seen boxes blend plaid with a kind of leopard print in black and white. What do you think the final result?


And he adores the animal print is Rachel Bilson in her role as Dr. molona in Hart of Dixie. Here we see another chapter, chapter also wear a garment in this pattern.


Total madly in love with the looks

Maybe you're avoiding the prints at all costs. And you're tired of mixing tones galore. If you pass one or the other (or both at once) it is best to practice the total look. It's the best I've seen lately! If you dare to choose all red, you will see that is wonderfully great.


If you prefer to leave it for later when the heat begins to take its toll on our daily life, you must take into account the pastels.


And if you like what you see but you know you dare not or will not give the note, it is best to opt for a total black: elegant, simple and great.


What team are you?

Photos | Style Scrapbook , Carolines Mode , The CW
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