Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asos Spring-Summer season 2013: everything you want is in the same place


We know the new campaigns for this Spring-Summer 2013, there have so many want to heat. And today it is the turn to Asos: paradise of all trends, budgets, tastes, shapes and colors. And is that we're going to cheat, if a trend in this website is not online, not trend. And in its new campaign to find all variety. What are you going to fall?


What I like is that there are other things so striking and so very simple that you know you'll get something. So I avoid getting into it (as far as possible), I just always obsessed with a garment that automatically becomes vital necessity.


In search of the perfect dress

But there is something that I have it clear: whenever I have a special party and I want brand new outfit (that feeling always happens to me) I spend here, as they have so many dresses that I did not just. Good thing I comfort in knowing that my choice will be unique (most of the time), and today there is much fear of buying online and I took advantage of it.


Prints, smooth, with applications or as showy colors. They come in all types, shapes and needs, is the magic of this place. I would call it paradise fashionista.


Even if I have to decant for one do with those who have a romantic character but now. Warm colors and simple shapes as wearable.


Confessions? Prints?

Although there are days when you feel like leaving a simplicity and resting at home with something flashier daring and risky. This is where the prints come and play they get.


Cowboy Territory

Denim is the fabric star every day of the year, and even lifetime never gets old. Each year is renewed and this time we see it in style patchwork pants, overalls, skirts and sweatshirts. What you get?


Brushstrokes metal

And for those who go further and want something extreme may choose those pieces of bright colors and flashy metallic trend following.


What do you think about their new proposals?

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