Saturday, February 2, 2013

Become a real lady with a pencil skirt

leather pencil skirt

It is a garment that I love, the pencil skirt. And although it looks very serious, too working girl, too femme fatale, recently be seen in all kinds of outfits, it feels great, especially if you choose not stretch versions. The more successful choice because it helps in styling and finished in black leather or leatherette. Combinable 100%.

The simplest option is to wear black and white, as stipulated spring trends. No need to complicate your life. And attention to detail white bag, if I already said!

The lady is choice with a lace skirt. You can not miss the towering heels, leather jacket and cut a little look of seriousness.

blue skirt

The most colorful, black and purple with H & M clothing. An election almost thinking of spring and its colors. I love it, but I get a white skirt of this type only feels good if you have longer legs and a sleek skyscrapers.

white skirt

If you still see a garment too formal, I propose the more casual option, coupled with a simple shirt, ideal for when the temperatures begin to warm.

shirt skirt

Photos | Athina Valyraki , Romalo's Blog , Andreagomezm , Katrinabay
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