Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce Knowles puts the raucous Super Bowl, Alicia Keys lady style

Beyonce Super Bowl 2013

The Super Bowl is the media event quintessential American sport. A date on which any mainstream singer wants to be, with a spectacular global audience. This year, the Super Bowl was more like a repeat of Dance inauguration of President Obama since many of the artists repeated, with as main star Beyoncé Knowles and Alicia Keys on the piano. Two contrasts in style and form, sensuality against a party classic. Which do you prefer?

The sensuality of Beyoncé Knowles

Super Bowl 2013 Destinys child

Beyoncé Knowles took the stage with her ​​former group Destiny's Child reunited to continue to box. Along with her ​​two musical companions: Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, escorting his star and keeping the same daring costumes.

Super Bowl 2013 Rubin Signer

This time the act called for a touch of testosterone increasing from long dresses to party more seductive and tight body. Beyonce Knowles seemed tailor the sexy side of leather biker and like Jean Paul Gaultier for these designs that accompanied his body with lace details and false transparencies. Although costume designer was Rubin Signer.

Behind Super Bowl 2013

The set they brought. Too ... much like Madonna. Although the details of the high socks did not help to stylize the figure and give some extra inches to your legs, error that goes unnoticed Beyoncé.

Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, another different party

Alicia Keys 2013 Super Bowl

At the other end of the scale we see Alicia Keys, who was to fulfill other duties in the Super Bowl, singing the national anthem of the United States after a white grand piano from Yamaha. It was time to wear the leather cabaret Beyoncé, had to choose a party dress.

Keys Super Bowl 2013

Said and done, Alicia Keys chose this design of Azzedine Alaïa, their firm is unconditional in their costumes for the big events, opting usually for design adhered to his body, marking waist, as much as possible to a wasp in your case, and hips, while in this case was a little flight at the end.

Jennifer Hudson Super Bowl 2013

Jennifer Hudson was the third name of the night and opted for leather, this time in a combination of a top of Monika Chiang, a pencil skirt that L'Wren Scott might well have gone up two fingers to elongate the figure and Saint Laurent shoes. I liked the combination.

The songs of the Super Bowl

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