Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloggers who bought a bag and say it is given, the game of appearances VIP

Prada Not without my purse!

This is the story of Pepe, in love with Jane. To the bone (Pepe is very passionate). But Juana goes from Pepe. He, far from giving up, decides to live another life, indulging in his head that makes itself Juana case. Juana wants. "Juana sends me roses" Pepe tells his friends. "Juana wants me" is repeated Pepe. Of course his friends talk to Jane, she tells them that has not sent anything and Pepe is himself who has autoregalado roses and such compliments. The blogger is poor Pepe and Juana is the brand you admire from small to turn the pages of the magazine ads turn more than words. Pepe the blogger autoregala bags and now is the talk of the brands and public relations those that are tired of bloggers gradually.

That is not me, that stone tossed latest Tina Craig, founder of Global Media Snob in his Twitter in late January but now the web Fashionista picked it up and started again stir around certain practices fashion bloggers.

In such tweets, Tina Craig once again opened Pandora's box, any box that some prestigious public relations firm could become an open day to the world of the most curious anecdotes about the practices of some fashion bloggers when ask for clothes. For professionalism, courtesy and respect they do not, obviously.

Now, who to ask for things borrowed (or not paying) brands to buy a bag and make it look a gift of a brand is a long way to understand my logic fails.

The examples cited by the website Fashionista are very good, especially this:

A marketing executive for a brand tells how a popular blogger (which does not say his name but your blog is one of these titles food-lifestyle-fashion) went into a store in the West Village (one of the luxury Manhattan, New York) famous for its handbags. She wanted to get a free bag but the head said he could not give it, then bought it. Upon leaving the store, this blogger thanked the "gift" to the brand on Twitter, and Tumblr Instragram.

Talk or not some blonde salad, a large number of bloggers seeking to communicate that are pampered by the best brands in the market, thus becoming stars for a type of audience that sees them as such (another problem, the receiver, not only the issuer ). This is not what I pretend, dress the most exclusive and popular market albeit in your pocket and it has to pay a price that sometimes involve great efforts dangerous for any checking.

If the brand Pepe Juana gives him a bag super expensive is that Pepe is on another level, is a star that brands seeking partnerships and shares by Pepe above all your social networks in a close, teaching us to humbly poor mortals how Mark Juana cared much. How nice is Pepe, I will write a review that is gorgeous with those 15 inches! XOXO !

Someday appearance bloggers will understand that this state VIP they desire to conquer only achieved based on good job, good luck, contacts and be in the right time, among other variables, never pretending to be what they are not because it will last a newscast. While many such anecdotes laugh eating a low calorie salad rich.

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