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Bonfire of the vanities of the world blogger


What is the price of being a top blogger? Some in the U.S. are willing to do anything to become so, as read, 'the other day in the post of Natxo . It's funny how far we are from American blogging world. They take us several years ahead in the whole business of fashion blogs to begin with because they are tightly regulated by law how bloggers must disclose all contributions they make, gifts and income they receive to talk of each product. And here we are still in diapers in this matter.

In Spain, on suspicion

There are bloggers who succeed internationally, traveling across the world, working with major brands like Louis Vuitton and Loewe, and spend the day of shooting, traveling to the fashion weeks of any point the earth, in the most exclusive parties, receiving gifts. A lifetime of dreams if you're passionate about fashion.

handle bloggers

There are many others that are known nationally, that have made ​​it their profession to be "fashion blogger" based on work with many brands, though often not explicitly indicated in the blog.

We deduce from the insistence on referring and citing the benefits of a particular brand, and how they link to each product of the firm, which appears repeatedly in his blog. To the extent that you do not know and if they look like that every day is your own or that brands and partnerships have been imposed. And when mentioning "his favorite of the month" or "its acquisitions of the week" do not know if they are real or appear there for some ulterior motive.


It is worth mentioning names because we all know who we're talking. Nor are saved some famous egobloggers your blog hosted on the websites of the major fashion magazines in the country. A deal for the famous, for the magazine and for brands, who see what's on the blog of the character X is selling like hotcakes.

The American case, the price of vanity

And while Spain still nothing is left clear, in the United States have reached the opposite end. Fashionista In finjen discussed how some bloggers who have received gifts of certain brands to look like a status of bloggers who do not have tops. Ie purchase of pocket bag in question and then say they have given. The Fashionista cite testimony from industry executives and compare it to auto send flowers on Valentine's Day. And reach the top bloggers compare with Hollywood stars.

In the case of Spain, vanity is not beyond buying something to make a draw with followers to buy or want an outfit look different each day based on buying all brand new low cost and return shift clothes after the photo shoot.


But if you want to be among the best, you have to look the best brands. It's hard to be at the top of the bloggers and for this we must look luxury brands, the most exclusive handbag, the most desired brand of shoes or at least pretend that you wear . And all with money from his own pocket. So here comes the passion for tweeting, instragramear and count your daily life in the blog. That's all for wanting to receive gifts or money for your blog? Or is it a simple matter of vanity?

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Will we get here to those extremes? Not surprise me, because we all know that Spain is the country of envy, and awaken to your readers that dark feeling engages the audience and makes certain blog is considered important. Just as going to certain events, receive invitations to parties and brands photo taken in certain presentations or events. There are fights to be invited and be in the picture.

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