Thursday, February 21, 2013

BSK February 2013 lookbook: because girls do not have to dress in women


If we present the news yesterday about Bershka collection , today we talk about their teen audience. And is that the line BSK surprises (for the better). It is true that often they do not share the images exposed clothing is not to my liking but today is just the opposite. And it is appreciated that a firm think girls like that they are young. Nothing older women costumes, clothing or impossible for the 15 or 16 you could not put. Trends for class urban or spend the weekend in the best way possible: wasting sympathy, style and freshness.


With a denim garment have earned heaven

I've said it a thousand times and I do not mind repeating myself if I get to understand: the denim life never go out of style. Suitable for all and most common is to see it in the summer favorite garments such as denim shorts.



Although it is also true that in Texas jackets are more classic (almost) than white and black. A garment of life that has accompanied us during all stages of our lives.



And one that loves the fabric or just tired of these two items named, can opt for the vest. Mola much as the jacket but more wearable in hot weather (for what that is sleeveless).


In search of the military jacket

How long we have this military jacket in your wardrobe? Much, therefore almost every year I buy a new and the result is four different models in the same color. BSK presents different versions so you can choose the one that goes with our roll and lifestyle.



What do you think these new proposals?

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