Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can not be more cool that Sienna Miller and her daughter


Sienna Miller's appearances are held to a trickle. She's smart and knows this is the best, the other overexposure leads to weariness but her since she gave birth appears as a star.


I loved seeing these pictures of the actress with her small New York. Being cool on a red carpet is not difficult, and some do not get it with a troupe of estiistas and makeup artists. Be on the street, in the cold of Manhattan and in a small arms and she gets it few more , Jessica Alba.


Being cool is not something trivial, not in vain and spent one item in my dictionary of fashion about it, and although a word much used, its true meaning escapes many. Sienna is cool with your hair, your clothes, roll their informality and casual with a touch hippy, grunge and some other rock.

The baby, to eat with the aviator cap and fleece. Garment must if you NY (word of who lived there) literally frozen ears. Another rule that you must apuntaros: if you walk around New York, unless it be by the Upper East Side, do not even think to look animal skin (if the Lucis).

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