Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Checkmate, the street will become a chessboard. Feel like a game?

dam_01 Miroslava Duma is a real expert in this trend

I remember one day my mother told me that I had signed up for chess (do not know the reason), so I had to skip the noon recess for one hour to learn this game checkered board. I do not know if it was I wanted to play in the yard with my friends or never understood the rules, but lasted very little going to class. What happens now take as inspiration board and see the pictures kind damier going to be a must this summer 2013. We saw it in the Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show of Louis Vuitton and many low-cost firms have joined the movement. Checkmate.

What are our options?

There are many items that are presented to us in this pattern as colorful: gauzy blouses, shorts, dresses, etc.. We just need to think how we would like to combine this kind of trend and use it to give the garment. Do we prefer to wear it day or night? Depending on the response we get some other options.


But in summer fancy show legs, and one way is with a short dress. In Topshop find one straight line, while Choies cloned version of Louis Vuitton with pleated skirt and lime green version.


  • Black and white dress from Topshop, 49 euros .
  • In Choies lime green, $ 97.99 .

A Bershka loves to play

But if someone is caught in nets rendered this trend is none other than the Spanish brand Bershka. So many pints various options that shows in his latest collection! Even if I do decantarme for some with biker sucks I saw in the press presentation. I fell in love with it instantly .


What do you think of this trend? Do you will inspire?

Photos | Instagram @ miraduma
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