Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christopher Kane Fall-Winter 2013/2014: confirmed, go camouflaging your closet


That one of the largest fashion groups inject into your business world-signing a considerable amount of money you can get where you could not before. Christopher Kane presented his last collection under the watchful eye of François-Henri Pinault and his wife Salma Hayek.


The Art Nouveau of Charles Rennie Mackintosh touch + punk girls memories of Kane + luxury materials required when you enter another level Industra lead to this collection, very brainy.


Not surprisingly the brain, creativity and the life and times of a mad scientist like Dr. Frankenstein has been the leitmotif of a woman who is nothing between the glitz or grunge touch camouflage.


A pattern that seems to be the most desirable of all season, but never went back as ever. His tone is different, so look great ladies, women sexy glitter star or as in the case of Michael Kors with colored leggings and stilettos.

Everything has a taste for high class but missy driveway like a teenager at the height of London pop-trimmed and his mother, furs and flashy jewelry.


From semitrasparencias femininity, dressed and passed a lot of skin and wide leg pants volumes. In blue or burgundy evening surrounded by the colors of war itself, we turn to blue and black night of an ending that left everyone with good taste.

In Jared | Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2013/2014: the inspiration of Christine Keeler
In Jared | Peter Pilotto Fall-Winter 2013/2014: paint and color, applauded and convinced

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