Friday, February 8, 2013

Cloned and plundered: Mango is the protagonist


Today cloned and the clone is not caught themselves but mere inspirations. And today is a day that inspiration is not present in me and I had to fix on page Carolines Mode to realize that the Spanish firm is set at Isabel Marant (how strange!) And Saint Laurent Paris. And the French designer continues to wreak havoc and this time the garment in question is a gauzy blouse patterned cashmere.

The Spanish firm launches a similar, although I have to take a spear in his favor, saying that they are not equal (hence to the inspiration). Do they look like? Yes Are there differences? Yes, many.

Same with the bag of signature: same shape and color, but the original folds are not as different find a gold plaque.


What do you think of these proposals?

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