Friday, February 22, 2013

Cloned and plundered: Zara again the king of the clones


Become like every Friday with our special Cloned and plundered, and nobody makes a surprised, Zara is again the star of this post. This time the winning firms are Givenchy and Isabel Marant (Odd?). The first with a shirt that turned the world this past season to be worn by (almost) all egobloggers the world closer together. And after the success they had with their signature panther later we presented a shark.

And Zara takes the idea and presents a model of the closest thing to a much lower price: 19.95 euros . To wear with jeans, shorts or whatever you like. What you give out? Although I notice the feet (always start dressing that way) and I say that shoes from the new collection of Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2013 are not exempt from backup: Zara already set in their strappy sandals, leather and studs for one of its models. Price? 65.95 euros .


What do you think today's selection?

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