Wednesday, February 6, 2013

COS, the Spring-Summer season 2013: for the days you want to highlight with little


Not influenced by trends or fads for, or anything. Keep your philosophy and each new season brings new clothes with that hallmark both characterizes him. Indeed, talk of COS and clothing: good quality (much) more expensive than its sister company H & M and a timeless wardrobe for each season. And now we fall in love again with their new Spring-Summer 2013 campaign.


If I was told to describe briefly the firm would use sobriety, elegance and minimalism. And I think these three vocabulos him like a glove go to each and every one of their collections.


A great office I

There are many office jobs that involve going properly dressed in suits and dresses that often end up boring one. Can a garment which itself is modern? Yes, if you look at their proposals.


I admit that may be a little daring for their colors or shapes, but eventually one sees with different eyes and just accepting the challenge.


Although if you want to be modern with many buts, you can choose to wear a pencil skirt combined with a half-sleeve shirt and wide. The neck of this also makes the garment is completely different from what we are accustomed.


The basic details that make a big difference

If you ask me why I like COS I have it clear: these are articles that at first glance do not have much, but then you look at the smallest details and discreet, and you understand everything.


A one-piece wrap seamless pockets or hinder their design, and when you turn wham! You are filled with an opening which makes it folds a garment original and different required (this point is always basic).


The game seams and the choice of fabrics magnify a brand that is primarily soda noses, but know that if you fall just right.


What do you think your proposals?

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