Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dad, mom and baby. His first and stylish ride (and tips for yours)


Let's be clear, the first weeks that you've been mom to go with outfits and looks streetstyle Blog fashionistas beater. And that's so and so should be the new mom Fearne Cotton has given me some ideas for when moms are recent and you are not for stylistic bagpipes.


She looks great in one of his first outings with the family and do it for several reasons I would recommend to any of my clients.

Choose comfortable clothes without apreturas and abrigadita. Play with color and accessories such as floppy hats and sunglasses, for a touch of fashion (and to cover dark circles, sleep-deprived faces and absolute happiness).


Play with color blends that do not look much: camel and gray (like Fearne), gray and red or dark blue and black.

Before the baby is born to become comfortable and stylish boots, flat and warm. Fearne gives a lesson in style too with this, Select them good, quality and use them endlessly combined with everything.

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