Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dance to the airport! Take it with humor, Coco Rocha copy at Longchamp

Coco Rocha Longchamp

It seems that Coco Rocha is set to be our teacher poses of street style and dance. In the latter, the Canadian model is an expert, however, has been practicing dance since childhood, we would have a teacher level. To me, good duck mareao in these arts would point me head so that I teach. Surely the next airport that would take me with humor was the time to go through the security checkpoint. Try to copy the dance of the new Longchamp campaign.

"You Should Be Dancing" tell us from Longchamp. We comply, well, at least when we go to make the next trip. For now aim Coco Rocha steps to pass under the metal detector that keeps on beeping despite having left us stripped and dignity on a conveyor belt, with the cop doing the caching less enjoyable.

Coco Rocha keeps dancing in Longchamp's hand and sharing choreographer Salim Gauwloos flat Liisa Winkler. All in the mythical airport JFK New York, in the old terminal of the company TWA .

Nice to see an ad and da. Nice to see a thousand times gives Coco Rocha. Now watch him dance to the same police that you do caching. Lest ...

You can see the making-of of the campaign in the video below:

Official site | Longchamp
In Jared | Coco Rocha repeated as image Longchamp Spring-Summer 2013 campaign
In Jared | Longchamp is rejuvenated by Coco Rocha

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