Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duel black and white: Miranda Kerr or Eva Longoria?


Sorry Eva Longoria. Racing should be like Miranda Kerr get to run with Usain Bolt a day of surf, luckily I'm not celebrity and I can not run into her on the street, on the red carpet or for life. These are his last street looks.


We have on one side the more recent emergence of Eva Longoria with pencil skirt, white jacket and suede musketeers. In addition to Miranda Kerr.


She wears white tube dress with deep neckline and black in the black coat with leading salons and dog with curly hair in contrast to the limp and ironed Melene owner.

Who do you stay? I opcióm mixing with the black and white clothes and not separate prints stripes or checks as much as bloggers and trends told.

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