Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion and Blogs 130: fashion bracelets that will talk about

The Petit Marieta

A few weeks ago that I have Instagram, and I recognize that I love. Through this social network and thanks to my sister I found Mary's personal blog. This is La Petit Marieta, a blog where you can find a variety of stylish bracelets and necklaces fascinating.

The Petit Marieta

Behind The Petit Marieta is a girl who like so many people are unemployed. So I decided that something had to be done. His passion for the supplements led to the creation of beautiful bracelets for all types of dolls and pendants. What started as a hobby is now his daily work.

The Petit Marieta

Reasons hearts, cartoons / as hanging, flowers, owls, mustaches, skulls, smooth in gold or silver with rhinestone details .... a variety and affordable prices, between 10 and 15 euros.

The Petit Marieta

How many times have you gone to a jewelry store and the bracelet was too big for you? or had not the right size. Thus, you can wear a bracelet which makes the accurate measurement of your wrist. Mary made bracelets and necklaces measures. A venture that started in April 2012 and has been pushing through social networks.

The Petit Marieta

Also a few months ago also try to get a good price & Straps clones of known brands. The success is overwhelming. His star is this imitation bracelet Hermes. Much to my liking when I saw that I have bought in pink and blue klein.

The Petit Marieta

Here we see the orginal Victoria Beckham, nothing to envy to the cloned.

Hermes bracelet

What do you think of this spectacular bib necklace? For it is mine because I could not resist. I will combine with a strapless peplum dress for a party that I have next week.

the petit marieta

In your blog you will find two entries, one for the morning with their creations and evening a look, plus beauty tips.

The Petit de Marieta

Accessories of all kinds, some laden shade to wear in summer, other rocker style and other fashion much.

The petit marieta

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