Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion and blogs 131: Fashion to a click


One of the great work they have done has been blogging bring the world of fashion to the streets. Because there are bloggers who are increasingly stuck in the world of fashion and we can count the intricacies of the parades, creating collections of festivals (before superexclusivas and private).

Now that is Fashion Week in New York, I'm missing the funny chronicles Fashionisima from snowy Big Apple. The parade Delpozo The Lacoste, the famous attending parades, streetstyle is cooked and how it all inside. Last year I was in the parade of Custo Barcelona and the truth is that to see up close, in the flesh all the celebrities and fashion insiders know only through Internet is very exciting, as do a chase Rachel Zoe .

rachel zoe

Thanks to blogs can view the details of the clothes, stay with the trends, see what happens backstage and get an idea of how much closer is a parade and a collection. Precious details highlighted by Style on the Street.

details ny

And knowing what a great marketing strategy is the parades. The cost of holding back many times due to the impact achieved, as explained by Miss at the beach in Rider Runway blog.

Mayte triumphs of the Church with his own blog and has now launched the design, with the help of his family business. A collection focused on sweatshirts that are so fashionable, but with a touch of trend that we have the opportunity to meet through the blog of my friend Be trendy.

mayte church

Mayte reveals itself addresses some of the most funky haberdashery. The office of the small seam on the inside , which is also fashionable, and now that the DIY takes force, haberdashery are a type of traditional business we should recover.


I also like some styling tips blogs like Shopaholic, he has found the perfect model to go for brunch , this custom that Americans exported, and we have become a planazo for Sunday morning.

look brunch

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