Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fashion blogs and 132: "the Oscars are unreliable because Sandra Bullock has one"


Now we count the hours to arrive and with them his Oscar red carpet to see Jared care, better put into context a ceremony peculiar moments. Within our Fashion and blogs:

  • Lee Van Cleef in his Bitches Brew gives: 20 reasons why the Oscars are unreliable . Start Strong, direct bull's-eye: "Sandra Bullock has one." If Sandra Bullock has one, the hypothesis is supported. Next point.

  • Daniel J. Lahn brings colors to the ceremony of the golden statue with ten times that Oscar would prefer to forget . Beware that if you see them all in a row hurts. Tell that to Jack Palance and his joy in the body before giving the Oscar to Marisa Tomei.
  • Does anyone dare to remember the history of fashion and Spanish television? From The Fashiónpedists yes.


  • We know the true or false of Total Free. If not, you get lost something good.

Be happy the weekend.

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