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Fashion Film: Oz costumes for princesses in a fantasy world


Costume designers Gary Jones and Michael Kutsche are responsible fascinating of Oz costume, a fantasy world. They have designed, created and made ​​about 2,000 costumes for the film. Working with all kinds of characters, both costume designers devised a special look for each of the fascinating and unique inhabitants of the Land of Oz. In this post I show a variety of sketches that Disney has given us exclusively.

Who are Gary Jones and Michael Kutsche?

Designer Michael Kutsche is a German artist who works both in traditional and digital media. The original approach Kutsche in its imaginative character creation has led him to serve as a character designer on Tim Burton: Alice in Wonderland, which marked his first movie experience.

For the experienced Gary Jones, costume demands of big films are not new. Jones reunited with director Sam Raimi on this tape, having designed costumes for Raimi film Spider Man 2. Since Kutsche has designed characters for many Disney films: John Carter. Between two worlds and Thor.

Director Sam Raimi explains that:

Michael's drawings depicting the characters in their costumes performing a scene from the film, and were fantastic.

Beginning to design


Kutsche reflected in the costumes of the characters environment, inspired by the sets created by production designer Robert Stromberg:

I think the most important thing for me was that the costumes were not as floating, but, in fact, be part of this world. Robert's drawings and drawings from the art department were a wonderful starting point for me because I had already created his own language

Kutsche began drawing process "several sheets of small pencil sketches", reflecting how he perceived the appearance of each character, according to its environment, personality and social status. Having defined the shape and design, Kutsche created a version of the sketch in ink, then scanned into your computer. And once on your computer, allowed Kutsche color the sketch and add the most minute details and intricate costumes.

Jones and Kutsche discussed the costume sketches and on fabrics that could finally drawn up the garments. Kutsche had very clear ideas about how I wanted to portray the characters and what specific features should submit their various costumes. Jones depended flesh out these ideas, both literally and figuratively. "Just by stamping, embroidery and fabric manipulation to suit each individual were different."

Dressing Oscar Digs, aka Oz (James Franco)

Oscar Digs, aka Oz (James Franco)

To create the look of Oscar Diggs, Gary worked with director Sam Raimi and actor James Franco. Conducted research for making costumes Franco Jones embarked on a journey that had a nostalgic significance for veteran designer, who has a history of Ringling Bros.

Our story begins in a circus, and is the largest part of the film's historical accuracy. Our investigation covered from most major circus to the most humble and oppressed street artists since the beginning of the century to the Dust Bowl drought. We cover the entire period between 1880 and 1930. For me it meant an additional joy as he had worked with Ringling Bros. in the past and it was an experience that I adored. So having another time with a circus for me was really spectacular
Oscar Digs, aka Oz (James Franco) Oz

With his inspiration and some vintage photographs in hand, Jones met with actor James Franco in a cafe in Soho, in New York, where he showed photographs of turn of the century they had collected. Some were of Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers other: all personalities L. Frank Baum admired. And from these elements gave the final design of Oz costume: a black tuxedo of the century. Throughout the film Franco looks the same three-piece suit that he wore in Oz Kansas.

The costumes of witches

Oz costume, a fantasy world

Along with Oz, the film stars three witches very different: Evanora (Rachel Weisz), Theodora (Mila Kunis) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), whose clothes reflect their personalities and their environment.

Rachel Weisz

Evanora sovereign is the Emerald City, so her dress is inspired by the architecture of the city, both in design and color, inspired by Art Deco. A green dress with a slightly military court.

Evanora Evanora
Reflecting the style could make it a much more powerful that is distinguished from other citizens and also stands among the other witches. With Evanora we stray a little to the Duchess of Windsor, but then returned to Michael's sketches to balance the emblematic figure with sets and scenery
Glinda Glinda

Glinda is the more demure, delicate dress fabrics. Then, as the battle begins to unravel, her wardrobe undergoes a new change and becomes more rough, like the armor of a fairy princess. For she created three different dresses white robes.

Glinda Glinda
Witches are clearly light and dark to highlight the contrast between good and evil. To Evanora, used a green mercury, linked to Emerald City Design by Robert. Glinda is a kind of immaculate girl, and her character was used for the target.

Mila Kunis

Theodora, Evanora's younger sister, wearing a Victorian riding habit, with a wide-brimmed hat huge red velvet, a red coat, black breeches and a white blouse. Their outfits are based on the fashion of the early 1900s, which were used in these hats quite quirky. Theodora's wardrobe is almost a mosaic fashion from different eras, does not belong to any particular period. "Everything with a certain atmosphere century pastoral XVIII one might find in a painting by Fragonard "The character goes through several transformations with their clothes. At first it's very demure, very quiet, very sweet. Then looks huge and beautiful party dress.


Comparing the sisters Evanora and Theodora, one of the first times that the characters appear together, you realize that the cut of his clothes bears some similarity, although the style of your clothing does not resemble at all. They are two completely different worlds. The clothes of the character of Theodora opts more to the side of the sport, the physical, while Evanora dresses, make her look like an empress.
Theodora Theodora

Wearing the inhabitants of Oz

Costume of Oz, a fantasy world Munchkins

In addition to dressing the main cast, Jones and his team of 60 designers, fashion designer and textile artists also created the costumes of all the peculiar inhabitants, some dwarves charmers Oz, as Quadlings, Munchkins, Tinkers, citizens of Esmeralda and Winkies .

Quadlings Quadlings

When creating the shape and the color palette that best reflect and define these various ozianos. Gary Jones chose to characterize the mood of these heterogeneous groups through their clothes. But before threading a single water or stain fabric, designer Oscar nominee and his top aides (design wizards Scott and Jessica Peel-Gali Noy and costume supervisor John Casey) spent hours researching what the trends prevailing fashion at different times. In these designs combine modern and historic touch.

Tinker Tinker

These characters are butchers, bakers and the like, that perform common tasks in life. A group of people happy, simple, whom we define with bright colors and beautiful costumes, with light pastel colors, land and creams. The characters who work under duress dress in black and gray colors, and also in ruby, sapphire and emerald. Highly stylized models.

Winkies Winkies

The Winkies are the guardians of the royal palace of the Emerald City. Some evil military-style outfits, inspired by Prussian and Russian uniforms. Their hats are cutting Prussian and are carved out of felt, wool and iridescent black feathers.

Oz costume, a fantasy world

Each character is different, whether principal or an extra. There is no one like another character in the whole movie. This attention to detail also is evident in the makeup and hairstyles, where teams worked closely with costume designers to capture the uniqueness of each character.

Oz costume, a fantasy world

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