Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Week in Milan: Moschino, Versace, Etro & Cia. were the most acclaimed

all_01 Moschino, Etro, Iceberg, Blumarine, Versace

Once past the hangover from the 2013 Oscar should revisit the issue that troubled us before the gala, the fashion week in Milan and all your news Italian. And last Friday was intense and driven, then paraded in a single day: Blumarine, Etro, Iceberg, Moschino and Versace. Which do stay? Depends on what you like say one name or another. Yes, all very different from each other.


Blumarine firms is one I liked because of its simplicity when submitting proposals. Monochrome outfits in blue type, nude, white or black. Although we also saw prints like houndstooth.



Etro has always stood out for their proposals and full of colorful prints (sometimes brushed tacky). I must confess that this was not a sign that my attention, but over the years has managed to become more demure without forgetting that personal touch and nontransferable.



In love. So I felt seeing the new Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 of Iceberg. Simple and very wearable proposals that had as main theme three colors: white, black and yellow. What do you think?



We already know that Moschino proposals are bold, very bold. And for this occasion would expect: the plaid was the main protagonist, as well as red and black. I must confess that I liked a lot of their clothes (separately) and that this pattern is more than I have since I have conquered reason. Among its star items found a tartan coat in dark tones.



Versace woman introduced us to a very ... Versace. How could it be otherwise, the Italian showed very bold proposals for femme fatales. Garments on vinyl and patent leather in black, white and yellow. What do you think?


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