Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion? Yeti for a woman "petite"? Ashley Olsen answers us


If you ask me point blank and without much thought do you like fashion yeti? and the second question will the recommend a petite woman ? The answer is definitely no. The yeti coats (and boots) are cumbersome, bulky and can make a body "petite" or say a few sisters Salma Hayek Olsen, meanwhile lost hair. Well Ashley Olsen fire me instantly.


So has looked in his last public appearance at the Paris airport wearing two trends at once. Fashion yeti, and coming back and the black and white of winter.

She at least knows that lights up if both volume below must be tight-fitting clothes, if cigarette pants. As I could not believe that what they look on the feet are a Valencian esparto without stockings or socks I'll leave it be.

You guys would you recommend that you leave it or take it away?

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