Saturday, February 9, 2013

'Fashion Film', when fashion becomes mood

Lizzy Caplan Live Fashion Film Vena Lizzy Caplan Schopenhauer thinking it boy.

How deep are we all, what is moving every second, how aspirational pores are all we see in the model image of the French luxury brand will never buy. Oh, desire. Oh, the sale of that desire. Oh, fashion videos on these last two points. Oh, good marketing and advertising, which leaves us great moments, like this video of Lizzy Caplan for signing Vena Cava and his new line: Viva Vena!.

A scene with many commonalities such as fashion, stereotypes repeated every few minutes is easy humorous reply. Just look at the it girls . And of course, brands and their videos have much reel irony and play with it. To those of us all day talking about these issues we gain from this type of humor and joke, especially if we share this vision. 'Fashion Film' cool.

From Vena Cava laugh at any cliché and Lizzy Caplan put the image of Viva Vena! managing to play the end opposite to be the same audience. The art of publicity.

Video | Vimeo
Official website | Live Vena!

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