Thursday, February 21, 2013

First day on the catwalk in Milan: taking off with Gucci, Max Mara, Ferretti or McQueen


Before we were awaiting the Fashion Weeks who we watched it, now is one more event, followed by many celebrities as much for their for their proposals. Milan warmed engines and off strong with Gucci to his head. Let us be practical and get to the heart of the matter



The collection has a muse Allen Jones, British pop artist and makes his designs swim between forty and seventy, a place between two worlds with much style and so different but whose best pieces is good rescue.


A dominatrix of the new century but also possibly lived in the past. We see nothing apparently new, Python is now only used, tested and sold but is associated both with the signature that is used as the fabric looks more excessive and sexiest woman.


Powerful, attractive and a little dark. Gucci Women unchanged.

McQ Alexander McQueen

The most desirable winter I can think of is in this collection. Following strong and clear parameters that will restore his creative collection revolves touches a review of Britain's most recognized.


Alpaca sweaters wonderful, fantastic revisions Scottish kilt and its material, mixed with punk chic. I love it.

Alberta Ferretti


Clear lines, Alberta wanted to remain her and not be guided by the siren songs that would move to areas not dominated. She is feminine, soft as velvet and begins discrete tones timidona to finish in a color EXPLOSION, its colors, mustard and purple head.


The softness of women Ferretti contrasts with the Gucci woman, they could not be friends. This is sweet, classical geek with a point, reading Jane Austen and loving family and home.

But your home is filled with chandeliers and much imposture, a place to see and not touch, like her.

Max Mara


Who has a Max Mara coat has a treasure, well knows who enjoys that sort. I would add that whoever has winter 2013 has wonderful in his hands, a work of art and clothing, a marvel of size and comfort.

Start with camel tones and leather is nothing new in them but these flaps, those tissues. I think it is clear, I want one encourages anyone else?

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