Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Go Face! A look impossible to exit do you dare?


Your "face" with Angel is everywhere, you are the model desired by all, the girl turned woman that everyone wants to photograph your youth and want a wayward night, of course. First how do you dress? Second what do you do if you get caught out late at a place that does not take tea or dancing waltz?


If you are Cara Delevingne, have his youth, his face and legs there is nothing that you feel bad, but go drunken with the mascara run and wanting to go to house. But what about her look?, Can we ordinary mortals us with this mixture Rocky styling, musketeer in the background but punk in the form? Do we imagine to J. What in this manner? It would certainly be a resounding NO.

What infumable are boots, cambiémoslas and everything will be better.

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