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Goya 2013, the best dressed of the red carpet more international than national

Maribel Verdú

The red carpet of the 2013 Goya Awards left a year with a good level in the best dressed of the night, dominating a classic style and big international names to follow in the contradiction of a film industry who looks for more support (already I said last year, I repeat) and actresses whose believe look better with big foreign designers.

Maribel Verdú

Maribel Verdú is one of the stars of the night thanks to the movie 'Snow White', is also a woman who loves me and chose a design Raf Simons for Dior so, despite the international choice on my part has everything livestock. I loved how it was with this look in black and white contrast.

Red life

Macarena García

Also in the cast of 'Snow White' another of my favorites on the red carpet. A mere Macarena García who was very natural and radiant in this dress halter neckline red Lorenzo Caprile.

Marisa Paredes

We continue with the red passion and the great designers of the fashion world with her ​​dress Marisa Paredes and Oscar de la Renta in this case is one of the the Dominican less exuberant.

Mary Adánez

We spent the burgundy with two Spanish names. The first is Moisés Nieto of Adánez Mary's hand in this long dress low tail and body with floral lace and transparencies.

Macarena Gómez

And the second is to Macarena Gómez protagonist with this design one with Teresa Helbig for the type of cut, style and the usual relationship of actress and signature.

Juana Acosta

Close by hue Juana Acosta saw this dress with sweetheart neckline tail Armani Privé with minimal side openings.

Irene School

This time getting out of the red, going to color coral, another of my favorites of the night Irene School with a design of Blumarine. More particularly by simplicity and naturalness with which he wore. Well pretty.

Formal long

Nieves Alvarez

Some people play with an advantage, since we are talking of the Spanish film awards and it would be logical to have opened with Nieves Alvarez headlining this post, but as best dressed for me if it was, or at least one that was better. Here is the bearing of the model and how well the dress looks Couture Stephan Rolland.

Rosana Pastor

Rosana Pastor seemed to move its period style in the series 'Love is forever' on the red carpet in this long dress in brown with a bodice and a necklace with beautiful color with her ​​hair perfect.

Aida Folch

Aida Folch usually enchant when choosing their party outfits and this Armani dress was no less. Formal, strapless neckline and a dark blue with a ponytail that was perfect.

Ana Fernandez

Ana Fernandez chose a Spanish design with an international style that is succeeding in all gateways. A nude with embroidery design firm owned by Santos Sewing Barcelona.

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon opted for a classic black dress, along with the open back of Lorenzo Caprile. Again is the plus postage makes his choice on this list.

Andrea Duro

Andrea Duro no chance and this gown Amaya Arzuaga sit well with a thick pink belt that gave it a more youthful.

Boasting body

Blanca Suárez

Blanca Suarez knew how to stand out as the body of the night with this Pucci dress. A dress with a neckline with a suggestive slit aperture and a long skirt with tail.

Paula Echevarría

Paula Echevarria was one of the actresses who bet on the neckline more pronounced and this time it is difficult to deny that was pretty good with this dress Dolores Promises, and that they well know that the style of it is the very opposite of my taste.

The evening sequins

Clara Lago

The sequins and rhinestones were present at a number of dresses, as usual in this type of holiday, just look at the look of Clear Lake in this Zuhair Murad design.

Melani Olivares

As Melani Olivares this time in silver with a long dress with a slit set at the foot of a design Álex Vidal.

Inma Cuesta

Inma Cuesta reminded looks of past decades with a long dress with strapless neckline and beading.

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