Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goya 2013 designers who ruled the red carpet


The great Spanish film festival was held yesterday in Madrid. The red carpet gave us some looks wonderful and some not so. The actresses have opted for international designers relegating to the background the Spanish designers. On one hand the Spanish film urges more support for your film (and rightly so) and otherwise support themselves designers not patriotic. Yet there was recounting so little presence of Spanish designers, but expected a little more . Of course we have to respect the decisions of each person, each one is free to wear what they want. You guys do you think about it?

International designers

dior goyas

Maribel Verdú, Macarena García and Ana Alvarez chose different Dior dresses signed by Raf Simons. My favorite is Macarena García, the red dress is simple but the actress looked great. Maribel Verdú not just convinced me and I think it is because of the length of the skirt. The stunning jewelry.

goyas shine

Sparkle dresses were the bet of the night. Many actresses chose them with the false belief that if you put some sequins out there and some brilli brilli hit you over there. Goya Toledo Elie Saab, Irene School with a Blumarine dress, Zuhair Murad Lake Clara, Dafne Fernandez de Stella McCartney chose shiny dresses with international designers.

Armani goyas

Aida Folch and Juana Acosta decided by two sober Armani dresses. Simple but quite elegant, especially the actress Juana Acosta.

variety goyas

Manuela Velasco and Maria Leon Gucci wear dresses. Manuela is one of my favorites, just for wearing yellow and get away a bit from the norm, and I like it. María Valverde very natural with a Nina Ricci dress and Mar Saura, admittedly, was very pretty in Stella McCartney.

National Designers

caprile goyas
Lorenzo Caprile is confirmed as the Spanish designer's favorite Spanish actresses. Ángela Molina, Inma Cuesta and Aitana Sanchez Gijon take their designs.

eva h goyas

Eva Hache, the big star of the night , was showcased with different Spanish designs. The host of the show took both established designers dresses as emerging brands.

Red goyas

With red and Spanish designers dresses Maria Adanez saw Moses with maroon dress Nieto, Teresa Helbig Macarena García and Ana Obregón Sewing Santos.


More actresses who wore designs made ​​in Spain: Nadia Santiago de Adolfo Dominguez, Alex Vidal Malena Costa, Paula Echevarría Dolores Promises Heaven, Andrea Amaya Arzuaga Hard Santos and Ana Fernandez Couture.

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