Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HTC bash Chronicle One: how geeks and fashionistas live in a party


Last Thursday took place in Madrid Slaughterhouse submitting party HTC One, the new smartphone HTC . When we received the invitation surprised us surround ourselves? Geeks passionate about new technologies but no interest in fashion? We feel? "The oddball" among a lot of "weirdos"? Were they wrong address?.

Then we were told that people like David Dolphin, Bimba Bosé, Pelayo Diaz, Miranda Makaroff or icon hispter Joaquín Reyes would be there and then do not hesitate, we put on our best clothes and decided to move there for a while to see how was the party, to imbibe new technologies and wipe out the open bar (we are human! right?).

Joaquin Reyes Joaquin Reyes, is not it lovely?

Funny how radically different groups of people meet in the same space-time, you feel in the middle of a sociological experiment. Match is like Batman and the Joker in an awards ... geeks and fashionistas sharing canapés as good Christians. A marvel. In fact, I realized that we are not so different: both groups are passionate about a topic and are updated on it, we both like to be trendy and learn what is going to be "the next big thing" before anyone truly believe that the only difference is that geeks do not despise the canapes and fashion do not eat in public since 1994.


The party started at nine but got interesting until eleven. Meanwhile, drank wine, we watch Joaquin Reyes, with his adorable nerd charm, chase the boys of canapés and saw the arrival of the blogger Brianda, with its distinctive red hair.

Patricia Conde

Patricia Conde appeared pregnant and made ​​fabulous emcee introducing the new HTC One showing that, like us, she's a girl fashion and technology and he knew equally well the new functions HTC One that points to the Maastricht Treaty. But I find great linking these two worlds and Patricia Conde tells me that the camera HTC One has many pixels and a wonderful display, as their work was to bring glamor to the party and did estupendamiente well. The new smartphone is designed in aluminum, has a huge screen and a new thing called BlinkFeed that allows all information news and social networks at a glance.

David & Bimba

And then came David Dolphin, Pelayo, Bimba Bose and his entourage, and freed from the Fashion Week. Pelayo started DJing in the DJ booth and the event became a holiday. Sounded everything from Pitbull and LMFAO to Madonna and Kylie and of course a little moderneo. Although very well by Pelayo, very little music mainstream that everyone could know, bringing the world of fashion to the technology ... for all without distinction are equal with cubata in hand when ringing Pitbull.

And that's all folks, keep reporting as insiders if after this chronicle invite us to a party more.

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