Friday, February 8, 2013

I am a "voguette teen" and this is my party


For a long time I subscribed to Teen Vogue, not even being a teenager. I loved the magazine, their styles, layout and proposals. Muchoooooo more than her older sister, sometimes heavy and dull as any. They celebrated their ten years and teen celebrities have done with them.

And of course, why not talk about it if Julianne Moore was there, right now I'm still breathless precisidad by the movie "A Single Man" by Tom Ford finally yesterday I saw a great Julianne. Cntéis I finish the final today. I adore you and Juliane buy a parrot. With it, Chloe Moretz.

Victoria Justice also swarmed around and say well this skirt teemed with pistil and the Ladybug corset.


Ansel Elgort, the best of the night. Oleeeeeee you.

Sarah Hyland, ay, pupa pupa. That terciopeloooo, that colorrr, that cut the cinturaaaa, these zapatoooooos. Pupa.

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