Saturday, February 16, 2013

It is not simple white dresses. We talked about the new limited edition Free People


I'm a big fan of limited editions. No matter if it is low-cost collections or firms faces: ie that edition will be in a controlled and I lose Oremus. Bullshit, yes I know, but I can not do anything about this. And today cravings buy again invaded my body to know the new limited edition collection of Free People. Each year is exceeded and this season there is a common denominator: the garments in question are white dresses.


Several models which presents the signature but each very different from the old: with fringes, lace, ruffles, oversize or layers. How would you like to wear the night of San Juan? This may be a good excuse to get your hands on some of this collection.


As is becoming usual for a couple of months, the Spanish Sheila Marquez is responsible for showing us all these proposals. It seems that she is the best ambassador for the company, what do you think your choice?


The only problem I see with this firm (a pity!) Are their prices, as they are very affordable. But we can always resort to it whenever we can (and want) to treat ourselves to find the special garment to change our outfits or sales time.


Love with a model??

Official Site | Free People
In Jared | Sheila Marquez I fall in love like in the new lookbook from Free People!
In Jared | Free People opens the year with a very good start. I ask (almost) all your clothes!

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