Saturday, February 2, 2013

It is solving the riddle, Rihanna video progresses his collection for River Island. Triumph??

Rihanna River Island

Rihanna's collection for River Island is almost a given. Confirmed since July 2012 and a breakthrough campaign as Instragram , where we could see the casting of the models and the idea of new clothes, now we have as a preview video to get an idea of what we can see more on this adventure between singer and brand. Rihanna herself is talking to the camera and tells us what to look for in their designs, which will be "sexy and very young", something that we had no doubt.

The March 5 is the date chosen for the launch of Rihanna for River Island, the day we'll see if the singer generates much interest on a stage or in a fashion store.

River Island for her strong commitment in an attempt to keep growing and gain a younger audience with economic proposals and fashionable.

Best of all, the video is to see Rihanna turned into designer brand and be wearing signs with generous Kenzo. All very logical.

In Jared | First look of Rihanna collection for River Island
In Jared | Rihanna River Island design for next spring

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