Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keys for shopping style: monkeys more monkeys to look at all hours


We once more with styling cues to the days when we want to go shopping. Many times we go with clear ideas, but others we risk to see what we find. And this time you have an item that I love and always will be again this year fashion: the monkey. Long or short pants, it solves all doubts and becomes a good choice for the days and nights of summer. Is the only downside? Very uncomfortable every time we go to the bathroom ...


We already know that Asos is a good choice if looking trends. There you will find all types and brands to suit all budgets. Moreover, we must take advantage of rebates that are still and can find clothes that are a bargain for our economy.



Since I went to the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2013 Bershka fell in love with this monkey back with transparent tulle. I love the game that makes the tissues, even though I could not take it for having too much lead in my body.


Forever 21

Years ago I know the American company and I love Forever 21. A kind of Primark yankee with attractive offers and prices laughter. The best option? The black with gold buttons diagonally.



Models Models day and night. So are the options we propose the Mango for spring 2013. Its black color choices triumphs and prevails in almost all such garments.


Miss Selfridge

Something for everyone. So options describe the British firm Miss Selfridge. Black version and fix, a more informal and paisley print for more trendy jean version. With which of the three you stay?



Personally options are Topshop English firm which I liked. I love the variety and the red version love me (although I like about Bershka version, I doubt I could wear overalls these characteristics).



If we talk about key style, trends, and others can not ignore Zara proposals. And the star of empire Inditex firm always has several options all that each season brings. Showing legs or covering them, you choose which type of monkey you want.


Do you apuntaréis to fashion?

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