Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keys for shopping style: the skirts of the season

What has the perfect skirt? It is one that you want to look the same day you bought because it is comfortable, is fashionable and practical while beautiful. Is this costing you what it costs you very often poniéndotela rentabilizas even years. Feels good to your figure, fashion is full but not go out of style and it will be chilly and very appropriate for summer, casual or more sophisticated.



I start with a skirt that definitely do not need but if you do, call the attention. Very Carrie Bradshaw, the find in Berryfields .



Very sixties, very pop and a touch YSL of the time. Is H & M & other stories and is gorgeous. Straight cut makes its fit apreturas figure but tacky.

Maria Antonieta


No power desmerezcas a skirt, you can completely change the style of a jersey or shirt. Especially if it is so marked and kitch and rococo point like this from Miss Selfridge. With a leather jacket emphasize his playing punk, with a white shirt will relax its sophistication.



Talitha Getty spent his life in Morocco and if I had this skirt from Miss Selfridge in his hands, he would not have let slip.



For an afternoon of perfect sunset in Ibiza this Mango chiffon skirt.



His stepmother Jerry Hall would look at Mango skirt 70 is a perfect company especially watching looming with leopard prints. Never die ...



How well have you sitting at Audrey Hepburn and peplum frills, like this skirt from Miss Selfridge.



And for a more boho style skirt with paisley and beautiful colors of Mango.

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