Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keys style for shopping: 10 items that summarize the best of the new season

white dress

It's here. Spring may not, but all new season collections, yes. And can summarize the trends seen on the catwalk, but the best way to approach it again successfully is through the clothes that triumph, the 10 articles that summarize the season, the clothes that will be a hit and we all crazy again . Wearing some of them I can assure you that success is assured.

10 garments, 10 Keys Style

* A white dress. Nothing better for a day of sun a delicate white dress. The lace is still going strong, as in this model SuiteBlanco.

* A white suit. Garment may be too formal, but the good thing is that you can "butchering" and look separately. This summer everything will be white. Seen Mango, but it's top showing her navel, better we leave only Miranda Kerr.

miranda handle

* Some of stripes, but especially in black and white. I think we've crushed enough with the subject, because it is one of the strongest trends of the spring. Find it at Mango catalog and in almost every store you look, it's everywhere!


* A print pants. Get the look with Miu Miu pants pattern freak put the point to your wardrobe. Bimba & Lola This somewhat psychedelic but I love it.

bimba lola pants

* A silver shoes. You choose, white or silver, but they are two of the tones that can not miss in footwear this year. Type crab, they seem Chulis Zara. They cost 65.95 euros .

silver sandals

* Strappy sandals. Strips must be minimal and must wear heels to give a chic touch to all your styling. I promise that you will use much all summer. In Mango have them for 49.99 euros .

Mango sandals

* A bomber. He pledged full halftime and trend, it is essential for the coming months. In drawing SuiteBlanco and tigers, will be yours for 45.99 euros.


* A sweatshirt. Sportswear triumph in the street. We suggest this type sweatshirt SCIENC fiction (a clear clone Balenciaga collection). Is H & M and costs 39.95 euros.


* Some tables. Shall trend this spring, but will megatrend in autumn, and only, time to time. So I promise that if you buy now as Dries Van Noten jacket at Zara, have time to justify the purchase. Your price 29.95 euros.

shirt pictures

* An ethnic skirt.'s Show legs skirt ethnic, perfect to wear with a shirt, a sweatshirt and a bead necklace. At Zara, for 29.95 euros.

zara skirt

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