Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keys style for shopping: frills can not miss in your closet

nishe flyers Nishe

Toca shopping to prepare our looks for spring and summer ahead. One of the trends that come with power are the flyers. Flyers are suitable or not like everyone, but the key is to dose their presence in the garments to avoid giving a gasket too exaggerated. Do you sign the tendency of the wheels?


zara blouses ruffles

At Zara we propose flyers in discrete key, especially for blouses and tops now cutting and light but with a romantic spot.

  • Top of lunar wheel sleeves, for 29.95 euros.
  • Top with lace sleeves and wheel, for 39.95 euros.
  • Blouse with front wheel, for 29.95 euros.
  • Handle

    ash handle

    To give it a preppy looks in your Mango find different clothes in bright colors with ruffles detail ideal for summer.

  • Ruffled blouse, for 15.99 euros.
  • Dress with collar and steering wheel, 29.99 euros.
  • Shorts with ruffles on the pockets, for 16.99 euros.
  • Dorothy Perkins

    dorothy p flyers

    To get a touch and frilly lady die trying, Dorothy Perkins offers some very feminine dresses or blouses that can be adapted to any look.

  • Tight dress with ruffled detail, for 32 euros.
  • Dress with front wheel for 38 euros.
  • Printed blouse with ruffled collar, for 29 euros.
  • Asos


    In Asos madness breaks the wheel. Extravagant frilly dresses suitable only for fans of the trend.

  • Ruffled tulle dress for 66.22 euros.
  • Black dress with ruffles skirt, for 44.45 euros.
  • Ruffled Dress for 58.43 euros.
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