Friday, February 8, 2013

Kim Kardashian or how to dress so you should never wear while pregnant


As many of you know I am a stylist and I make up those duties in the following situation. One client, pregnant, ask me for advice on a shopping spree for the day to day or event. What to Wear dear? Queen Well look, wear anything but what you put Kim Kardashian, I would say after seeing these recent pictures that are bringing tail. The worst thing is that she did not even feel bad.


Forget the transparencies, the clothes fit you waist and of course any type of top-down overalls that makes you look like a jug before the loss sneaks waist (waist only because happiness, radiant and clear skin can not to lose).


Good thing I have nothing to Kim Kardashian client! Ipso facto Obivamente fire me. This woman goes about his business.

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