Saturday, February 16, 2013

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 69


This stylish Lives begins in the mountains. We leave the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland to seek " capture the most beautiful scenery you have seen the eyes of Sergio Parra "if our fellow Traveler's Journal recommends us then there you go. Have no doubt that you will love.


While skiing the same if we let's try another location closer as The Lodge at Sierra Nevada , an exclusive hotel with all comforts and luxuries.


The plan for the stoves of this weekend goes through a recipe molado me much: beef fajitas, squash and broccoli . What could be more appetizing. It makes my mouth water just imaginándomelo. You have to try and over do it is sucked. What mix of flavors.


Places to go through the kitchen certainly more than one has in mind some reform. If you want something modern and completely change the outcome Aim ​​this before and after because you are going to be surprised .


Touch some rest and lie on the couch for a while. To do what better than a marathon of gangster films with great films starting with 'The law of the underworld' of Josef von Sternberg back to the 20s with other movies.


Or the same series prefer to spend the afternoon. The success of ' Girls 'will you have done that many already begun to devour and convert favorite, however, some, we fell a few chapters from the start.


Days after Valentine sure many are still listening to these topics in your head or on your home stereo. Diez announced songs for a break .


In line with these last songs I passed a note to purchase the pass list and join with so many great helmets on the street. Some wireless Sony but this time giving life when messing around and not have to worry about unwelcome entanglements. These Sony BTN200M have a great pint.

Have a great weekend!

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