Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Looking different bathing suit? Now you can hand to Urban Outfitters


There is still much for summer, yes, but and as far as fashion is concerned never too early to show the new collections. And Urban Outfitters is quick to show their swimwear for all those who are tired of the usual and refuse at all costs down to the beach or pool as if it were a uniform. That is well spent little models H & M or Zara, but there are some who choose to spend a little more and avoid compared with the next door.


Therefore we propose the signature models of all kinds: from bikinis with fringes, passing and finishing with embossed trikinis alternative models and bold like the now famous animal print and tie dye.



Although given the choice I'll take the whole bathing suit strapless black and white. I recognize that it is not very comfortable for swimming (I hate to think what might happen if a wave comes hard), but I recognize that it is very cute for those who want to walk palm.


Top fashion pin-up!

If you are one of those loves (increasingly) pin-up models with above navel panties now you're in luck, and that the firm is committed to them.


Although original and different for the whole body with peplum style wheel. I like the vintage pattern and how you feel to the model, but I think my body and I do not see too flattering ...


What do you think your proposals?

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