Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Low-cost Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Asia's Travel and luzcamos a Kimono


There are trends that come and go. So is fashion. And many of these trends come from ancient cultures such as the Aztecs or Asians. And today we showed you a garment that Asia is the most common and we have rescued Westerners to show off in our day to day. I speak of the kimonos that oriental patterned or not, will become one of the most used clothing this Spring-Summer 2013. Feel like?


Lots to choose from and Asos offers so much variety that you will spend a long time choosing. We have made ​​a selection of the most varied: smooth and long, with floral or tacked on the sides. For which of these models you opted?


Miss Guided

One way and lots of colors and prints. This is the model of Miss Guided, which fringed at the ends makes this a piece of cool summer nights with us.


Miss Selfridge

With air oriental or floral print, Miss Selfridge brings us two new models on offer this pledge. Versions simple but if you know how to combine them can bring a touch as differential that sometimes seek.



In Topshop are two of the most disparate models: one with details Aztec tribal print one with gauzy fabric.



How could it be otherwise, the signature star of Inditex Group, Zara, wing joins fashion wear kimonos and does it with three models totally different from each other so they can please all audiences. You choose how you want: flashy , smooth or light background.


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